Acrylonitrile Methylacrylate - Properties and Applications


Acrylonitrile methylacrylate provides one of the best single layer oxygen barriers of all packaging materials. Products made from acrylonitrile methylacrylate display excellent strength and chemical resistance.

Acrylonitrile methylacrylate can be used to make a range of polymeric products such as films, sheets and bottles. These forms can be produced using processes such as extrusion, injection moulding, calerdering and thermoforming.

Key Properties

Characteristics of products made out of acrylonitrile methylacrylate include:

        Rigid containers and flexible films are exceptionally tough

        Good chemical resistance to acids, bases and other corrosive compounds

        High gloss and shine


The main application for acrylonitrile methylacrylate is in packaging. Examples of packaging where acrylonitrile methylacrylate are used include:

        Medical and pharmaceutical products

        Bottle for chemicals

        Packaging for personal care, hygiene and cosmetic products

        Foods (acrylonitrile methylacrylate is UV resistant and extends shelf life by sealing in flavours)


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