Self-Sharpening Resilient Blades for Lawn Mowers and Garden Equipment

Prima Ventures Inc., a U.S. designer, developer, and manufacturer of innovative lawn and garden care products, today announced its patented line of resilient, self-sharpening, aerospace-grade polymer blades for both gas and electric lawn and garden equipment. The SharperBlade™ line of products includes lawn mower blades, trimmer blades for weed whackers, and edger blades. Manufactured in the United States, these durable, low-cost tools provide a safe, no-hassle solution for consumers who are tired of replacing traditional dull steel blades and broken fishing line.

“The SharperBlade products remedy a problem professional gardeners, homeowners, and landscape artists have had since the lawn mower was first patented in the 1830s — replacing steel blades that have become more of a hindrance than a help,” said Mark Stanley, president and CEO of Prima Ventures Inc. “They also solve the notorious weed whacker fishing line problem.

We believe these new self-sharpening polymer blades will fundamentally change the way people manage their lawns and garden areas.”

SharperBlade lawn and garden care products are more user-friendly and durable than traditional steel, fishing line, or plastic products currently available to the market today. They include:

SharperBlade Mower Blade

While mowing (non-riding or riding), the blade continuously sharpens itself so no blade maintenance is ever needed. When encountering unseen objects, like rocks, the blade flexes over the object rather than damaging the blade or sheering it off, potentially causing serious injury to the mower, the operator, or people nearby. Should it become nicked, the SharperBlade resharpens itself whereas steel blades need to be replaced.

SharperBlade Edger Blade

While edging, this blade also continuously sharpens itself. It won’t damage the concrete, brick, or stone that surrounds the edge of most lawns. With a traditional steel blade, the operator can’t help but to strike the steel blade to the edging - thus sending sparks and chunks flying, creating the potential for serious injury, and damaging the blade and valuable property.

SharperBlade Trimmer Blade

This product - designed for popular weed whacker equipment - also continuously sharpens itself. In addition, it has the added benefits of edging lawn and weeding dense areas and large diameter weeds. With the SharperBlade Trimmer Blade, users never have to stop to fix broken “fishing line,” reload empty spool heads, or buy replacement parts.

The blades’ cutting surfaces are made entirely of nylon. A short metal insert provides stability.

As the blade rotates, the cutting edge strikes and cleanly cuts the target. Over time, the softer polymer gradually wears away, exposing fresh nylon thereby sharpening the blade to continue to cut cleanly. The edger and trimmer are both double-sided to ensure an even longer life of the products.

Mike Swearingen, a veteran landscape maintenance professional, has used the trimmer blades for weed whackers. He believes both homeowners and landscape professionals will realize the value of using SharperBlade immediately. “The simplicity of these products makes them worth their weight in gold. Anything that is simple, and easy, and effective as this is, you can’t go wrong with. That’s the bottom line.”

“Consumers today want to do two things - increase their leisure time and reduce their home maintenance costs,” said Stanley. “Our SharperBlade products help them do both. By simplifying lawn and garden care, reducing the number of blade replacements, and avoiding repetitive buying of replacement parts, consumers have more time and money to actually enjoy their outdoors.”


Posted February 16th, 2004


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