Maxxam LST, Nanoclay Containing Thermoplastics from PolyOne

PolyOne Corporation introduces Maxxam® LST compounds, nanoclay-based compounds that offer a combination of light, stiff and tough attributes. The products, which are available and fully supported in North America, Europe and Asia, are featured in a new brochure from PolyOne.

Maxxam® LST compounds are easy-to-use, high-performance compounds that are designed to meet or exceed the capabilities of many engineered thermoplastics, while offering the processing advantages that are inherent to polyolefins. With a low specific gravity and “thin-wall” capabilities, Maxxam® LST compounds offer the potential for significant weight and material savings. Their stiff and tough attributes provide dimensional stability and durability to withstand the rigors of daily use and abuse. Maxxam® LST compounds are an extension of PolyOne’s Nanoblend™ Concentrates, a family of high-performance materials based on nanocomposites technology.

“Maxxam® LST compounds deliver on the promise of nanotechnology,” said George Zollos, PolyOne nanocomposites market development manager. “These materials are ideal for new, high-performance applications and for material replacement in existing applications currently hindered by performance issues, high costs or processing difficulties. With our strategic partner Nanocor, we have enhanced the exfoliation process, which has enabled us to maximise the performance of the product and make it easy to use.”

In addition to their high strength and toughness – at a lighter weight – Maxxam® LST compounds offer a number of other benefits including processability, glass fibre reduction, aesthetics, chemical resistance and recyclable. Compared with many other engineered materials, for example, Maxxam® LST compounds require lower processing temperatures, flow easier and cool faster. As a result, with Maxxam® LST compounds, customers often use less material, improve cycle times, and lower their energy and equipment costs.

Typical applications include:

         Interior and exterior trim in the transportation industry

         Appliance and power tool housings

         Packaging liners, containers and closures

         Pipe, conduit, fittings and fascia used in construction

         Consumer goods

PolyOne has been aligned with Nanocor Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of nanoclays, since January 2003. The companies have worked together to master effective exfoliation and dispersion of the nanoclay platelets based on a patented process. The platelets are fully and evenly dispersed throughout the resin matrix to ensure consistent, maximum performance. Until now, many uses of nanoclays have been hindered by incomplete exfoliation and dispersion. Maxxam® LST compounds are patent-pending by PolyOne.


Posted March 9th, 2004


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