Diallyl Isophthalate - DAIP


High heat resistance (180°C/360°F).  No post cure is required in the case of laminates.  No volatile products released during curing.  Superior track resistance compared to phenolic.  Good electrical properties maintained at high temperature and high humidity. Non-toxic - No volatile solvents as with Polyesters or dermatitic reactions as with Epoxies.  Wide range of colours. Higher strength than Epoxy or Polyester.


Poor resistance to acids.  High coefficient of friction.


Moulding compound: Electrical connectors, insulators, tool handles, pump impellers.


Coating resin: Sealant for metal castings and wood


Laminating resin: PCBs, high temp applications, radomes, trunking.


Source : Abstracted from Plascams

For more information on Plascams please visit The Rubber and Plastics Research Association


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