Surpass From Nova Chemicals - A High Performance Polyethylene for Thin Walled Injection Moulded Products

Nova Chemicals today introduced a new grade of Surpass high-performance polyethylene, specifically designed for use in thin-wall injection moulding applications. Surpass polyethylene resins, including the new IFs932, are produced with Nova Chemicals’ Advanced Sclairtech™ technology utilising proprietary single-site catalysts.

“Our new IFs932 resin, produced with our proprietary single-site catalyst technology, offers our customers many advantages in their applications,” said Eric Kelusky, Vice President, Advanced Sclairtech Development. “Surpass resins deliver a unique combination of properties not found in conventional metallocene resins and provide processing efficiencies that result in lower overall processing costs.”

Surpass IFs932 has low viscosity, which will allow injection moulders to achieve easier mould fills, shorter cycle times and overall energy savings. With its exceptional balance of toughness and stiffness, this grade gives moulders the ability to produce more parts using less resin and improve the strength of their current parts. “We believe our Surpass IFs932 polyethylene is the best flowing thin-wall grade available, and we intend to compete with other polymers as we explore new opportunities in the global food packaging market,” said Kelusky.

With organoleptic properties that are superior to other polyethylene resins on the market, Surpass IFs932 is ideal for food packaging applications, such as lids and closures. In applications where consumers prefer to view the packaged items, parts made with IFs932 boast improved clarity versus those moulded from standard polyethylene grades.

Surpass resins are manufactured at Nova Chemicals’ Joffre plant in Alberta, Canada. The site features a leading-edge polyethylene facility with a current annual production capacity of 850 million pounds, expandable to one billion pounds. Additional Surpass moulding and film grades will be introduced throughout the year.


Posted April 30th, 2004


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