Compact Cross Section Polisher for Large Cross Sections

JEOL USA, Inc. introduces a new compact Cross Section Polisher (CSP) specially designed to prepare large-area cross sections of specimens for imaging with its comprehensive line of Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs).

The CSP, JEOL’s model SM-09010, is a simple-to-use, cross section polisher that enables observation of multi-layer structures, interfaces, composites of soft and hard materials, polymers, powder grains, and crystalline structures of metals and ceramics with few artifacts. In a single step, it produces clean, polished samples suited for SEM imaging, EDS, WDS, and EBSD analysis.

The CSP uses an argon ion beam to prepare up to 11mm(W) x 10mm(D) x 2mm(H) samples of soft or hard materials while preserving internal structures, voids between interfaces, adhesions between layers, and precipitates. Unlike conventional mechanical polishers, the CSP minimizes deformation of the polished surface, enabling clear observation of crystalline structures.

The high power optical microscope in the JEOL CSP allows the user to position a sample to within a few microns of the cross section position. During milling, the sample is rocked automatically to avoid creating beam striations on the cross sectioned surface. Due to the glancing incidence of the ion beam, argon is not implanted into the sample surface.

The CSP is a benchtop device that features a vacuum chamber evacuated by a turbomolecular pump and a specimen stage supporting X-Y movement and angle control. The argon ion gun obtains high current density that enables high speed, consistent milling. Additional benefits include low operating cost and clean operation.


Posted September 21st 2004


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