Ceralink Offer CerMAT, a Microwave Assisted Processing Technology - News Item

Ceralink Inc. is a materials engineering and technology commercialisation service. We now offer CerMATTM, a patented microwave assist technology that brings materials manufacturers enormous potential for increased productivity at a reduced energy cost.

The technology uses microwave energy to assist with either conventional electric or gas firing. Microwave assisted heating is extremely attractive for large scale manufacturers of ceramics, as well as glass and metal melting. Advantages of this technology include:

         Even heating

         Energy efficiency

         The ability to retrofit existing standard furnaces with magnetrons

Ceralink has exclusive license in North America to use and sublicense the technology. Dr. Holly S. Shulman (president of Ceralink) will be offering technology transfer packages to select furnace manufacturers. Packages will include design, construction and commissioning services from Ceralink as well as the transfer of technology and know how. Ceralink's CerMATTM offers furnace manufacturers the ability to stay ahead of the competition through the latest advancements in furnace technology.

Materials manufacturers will be able explore this new patented technology and bring in their own furnace fabricator. Ceralink and the furnace manufacturer will then be able to focus all attention on the particular needs of the materials companies.

Ceralink's Microwave Testing Center also offers inexpensive "snap shot" feasibility testing to companies interested in exploring the potential of using microwave assist technology in their manufacturing processes.


Posted February 15th, 2005


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