Huntsman Launch Fast Curing Polyetheramine, JEFFAMINE XTJ-590 Amine

Huntsman Corporation announced today the launch of its new, fast curing polyetheramine, JEFFAMINE® XTJ-590 amine. XTJ-590 provides a cure speed that is approximately four times faster than Huntsman’s popular JEFFAMINE® D-230 product. It can be used alone or blended with standard polyetheramines for epoxy curing, polyamide preparation or applications requiring high purity reactive diamines.

“With XTJ-590, we are addressing a technical need in the epoxy curatives market by providing a curative with fast cure, flexibility, and low color,” says Alan Pekarik, Performance Specialties Market Manager for North America. “XTJ-590 is a relatively low molecular weight, reactive polyether diamine. As an epoxy curing agent it provides moderately rapid cures, and epoxy systems with good mechanical properties, excellent impact and thermal shock resistance.”


Posted July 25th, 2005


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