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Unmatched in the diversity of their properties, polymers such as plastics, rubber, elastomers, adhesives, paints and coatings, are used in virtually every industry including transportation, medical materials, aerospace, consumer products, and chemical processing. Element Materials Technology’s (SMT) polymeric materials laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation and staff by dedicated scientists and technicians who possess valuable expertise in polymer failure analysis, characterization and processing, additives, impact modifiers, alloys and blends.

Working to provide timely, practical solutions to even the most challenging materials problems, Element Materials Technology’s polymeric analysis team offers a full range of testing and engineering services for polymeric materials including:

•        Failure analysis

•        Materials identification and classification

•        Product evaluations

•        Material property assessment

•        Aging and compatibility studies

•        Contamination identification

•        Paint defect evaluation

•        Plastic weld evaluation

Types of Polymer Testing Available at Element Materials Technology

Specifically, Element Materials Technology performs testing and evaluation of polymeric materials using the following methods and techniques:

•        Chemical analysis

•        Thermal analysis

•        Mechanical testing

•        Aging studies

•        Electrical/thermal testing

•        Paints and coatings

•        Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

Chemical Analysis

Chemical analysis testing services provided by Element Materials Technology for polymers include:

•        Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)

•        Thermogravimetric FTIR (evolved gas) (TGA-FTIR)

•        Gas chromatography-FTIR (GC-FTIR)

•        Energy Dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS)

•        Beilstein halogen determination

•        Moisture content

•        Melt flow rate

Thermal Analysis

Thermal analysis testing services provided by Element Materials Technology for polymers include:

•        Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)

•        Thermogravimetric (TGA)

•        Thermomechanical (TMA)

•        Dynamic mechanical (DMA) analysis

Mechanical Testing

Mechanical testing services provided by Element Materials Technology for polymers include:

•        Tensile testing

•        Compression testing

•        Flexural testing

•        Proof load testing

•        Durometer hardness

•        Rockwell hardness

•        compression set testing

•        Falling weight impact.

Aging Studies

Element Materials Technology provide aging studies for polymers under conditions such as :

•        Heat

•        Thermal cycling

•        Thermal shock

•        Chemical resistance

•        Environmental stress cracking

•        Ultraviolet (UV)

Electrical/Thermal Testing

Electrical/Thermal testing services provided by Element Materials Technology can determine properties such as:

•        Dielectric strength

•        Capacitance

•        Dissipation factor

•        Dielectric constant

•        Surface and volume resistivity

•        Specific heat capacity

•        Thermal conductivity

Paints and Coatings

Element Materials Technology can perform the following tests on paints and coatings:

•        Cross hatch adhesion

•        Coating pull-off strength

•        Color and gloss measurement

•        Taber abrasion

•        Aging studies

•        Chemical resistance

•        Electrochemical corrosion studies

•        Salt fog, humidity, QUV aging

•        Coating thickness

•        Metallography

•        Pencil hardness

Scanning Electron Microscopy

Element Materials Technology can undertake SEM investigations at low and high magnification to investigate fractography, chemical attack and particulate evaluation of polymers.

3A Sanitary Standards Testing

Element Materials Technology is one of only a few laboratories in the U.S. that is capable of providing 3A dairy, and FDA/CFR tests on plastics and elastomers

Unique Partnering Opportunities

True synergy can result when Element Materials Technology becomes an extension of your operations. Working together, we can solve difficult problems and capitalize on unique materials opportunities.

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