Sputtering Targets Industries and Applications for Materials

Sputtering is one of the most common and widely used technologies for thin film manufacturing. FELDCO INTERNATIONAL provides a variety of sputtering target materials in a variety of compositions -PVD- in a different of shapes and thickness per your specifications with purities up to 99.999 %.

Target materials capabilities up to 16" diameter and 20" in length.

Sputtering targets

Figure 1. Sputtering targets


Heads-up cockpit displays, Jet turbine blades, Mirrors for optical and x-ray telescopes, Night vision equipment

Architectural Glass

Low-emissivity glass, Energy-producing glass


Auto headlight & taillights, Auto trim components, Drive train bearings & components

Data Storage

CDs, Laser disks, Magnetic disks (hard and floppy), Microelectronic flash memory, Read/write heads


Appliance trim, Building glass, Building hardware, Clothing, Jewellery, Packaging. Plumbing fixtures, Toys


CCDs (charge-coupled display devices), CRTs (cathode ray tubes), Flat Panels, Electroluminesent, Photoluminescent, Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD), Plasma Displays, Thin Film Transistor (TFT)


Passive thin film components (such as resistors and capacitors), Printed circuit boards, Sensors (for temperature, radiation and chemical composition), Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) devices


Efficient signage and outdoor display systems, Gas turbine blade coatings, Turbine bearings, Solar panels


Emission filters (for color selection), Energy-efficient commercial lighting, IR intensifiers (for energy efficiency), Traffic signals


Angioplasty devices, Anti-rejection coatings for implants (e.g. artificial hips, dental implants), Radiation capsules for cancer treatment


Flip-chip back side metalization (for external electrical contact), Gate dielectric, Interlayer dielectric, On-chip interconnects and interlevel bias


Anti-reflective/anti-glare coatings for eyeglasses Laser lenses, Optical filters for achromatic lenses (for astronomy and photography), Cable communications (e.g. DWDM), Spectroscopy


Currency, credit-card, and check-security, markings/holograms, Night vision/infrared equipment, One-way security windows


EMI/RF shielding (for cellular systems), Fiber-optic coatings, Microelectronic components

Wear Coatings

Anti-corrosion coatings, Anti-seize coatings, Dies and moulds, Printer heads, Sewing needles (for the clothing industry), Tool and drill bit hardening

Sputtering Targets Materials

Table 1. Sputtering target materials

Target Materials Partial List

Boron Nitride

Titanium Diboride

Boron Carbide

Hafnium Carbide

Silicon Carbide

Titanium Carbide

Tungsten Carbide

Aluminium Nitride

Silicon Nitride

Titanium Nitride

Aluminum Oxide

Cerium Oxide

Hafnium Oxide

Magnesium Oxide

Calcium Fluoride

Titanium Oxide

Zinc Oxide

Zirconium Oxide

Yttrium Oxide







Pure Metals





Others PDV Materials



This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by FELDCO International.

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