Electron and Ion Detection Solutions

El-Mul’s product line of top-quality particle detectors enjoys an excellent reputation as off-the-shelf or OEM components over a broad spectrum of applications. Customers recognize our innovative engineering and support services as an integral part of our product.

El-Mul’s Commitment to R&D and Technology Development

El-Mul maintain an aggressive R&D program, supported by a skilled, experienced staff and state-of-the-art production facilities. El-Mul Technologies’ R&D has led to breakthrough patents and major achievements in the fields of fast inorganic scintillators and nano-electron emitters.

El-Mul’s Products

Products include:

  • SEM Electron Detectors 
  • In-Lens
  • Everhart-Thornley
  • BSE
  • Ion Detectors 
  • FIB
  • Time-of-Flight Detectors 
  • MTOF
  • OptiMax™ Bipolar
  • Silhouette™/Extra Push™ 
  • Scintillators 
  • ScintiMax™ Phosphor Screens
  • Catalog Particle Detectors 
  • OptiMax™ Bipolar
  • Silhouette™/Extra Push™
  • ScintiMax™ Phosphor
  • Standard Anode MCP
  • Field Emission Sources 
  • E-Beam (Single Cathode Well)
  • E-Beam On-a-Chip™ 

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