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Aluminium is a truly modern material - light, strong, easily formed, a good conductor of heat and electricity, non-magnetic, resistant to corrosion, hygienic and recyclable. It's so light that constructions in aluminium typically weigh only a third of their equivalents in steel.

Further, the light metal is so attractive and durable - even in its uncoated form - that it is popular for applications where appearance matters: in architecture, buildings, computers, cars and consumer goods.

Hydro – Aluminium

Wherever you find aluminium in use, you’ll find Hydro. For us, aluminium is more than a metal. It’s a way of achieving a better, more modern, more sustainable society for everyone.

Hydro supply the highest grades with the greatest purity, we develop the most complex extrusions, and we assist our customers every step of the way from design to finished product. Hydro’s commitment to recycling runs deep: we were the first company to be able to supply primary grade aluminium from recycled scrap.

Hydro’s 24,000 employees form a worldwide network that builds on 85 years of experience in aluminium production, fabrication and research - and in the design of innovative and sustainable solutions for today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.

Hydro’s Market Position in the Aluminium Sector

Hydro is one of the world's largest integrated aluminium companies, holding important market positions in America, Asia and the Pacific region. Our focus on innovation, quality and cost-efficient solutions has led us to achieve market leadership in many of the industry's most important market segments, such as the automotive, packaging, construction and the printing industries. We are also very active in the field of common consumer goods.

Hydro are also a global leader in the manufacture of super high purity aluminium, supplying a wide range of modern technical applications.

Aluminium Production at Hydro

Besides continuously adding to our extensive know-how in downstream activities, Hydro focus on aluminium production as a core business activity. Hydro have been able to improve our market position in this area through important recent acquisitions. With our leading European network of aluminium remelters and third-party alliances, we supply the market with over 3 million tonnes of metal products annually. Moreover, we have established a leading position in recycling worldwide.

European Base for World Wide Operations

Europe is our home and will be the focus point for most of our business in the near future. However, Hydro will continue to operate globally, and when we enter new markets, our customers can rest assured that we will maintain our high standards as a reliable partner.

Aluminium Markets Serviced by Hydro

Hydro supplies a range of aluminium products into industry sectors such as:

  • Automotive and transport
  • Building and construction
  • Consumer goods
  • General engineering
  • Packaging
  • Printing

Aluminium Products Supplied by Hydro

Hydro is a global supplier of a wide range of high-quality products such as cast, rolled and extruded products for the automotive, packaging, construction and the printing industries. We are a strong and versatile partner with more than 85 years of experience in the production and manufacturing of aluminium, and are active throughout the entire value chain.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Hydro offer cost-effective solutions by implementing best practices. Our focus is on product quality and capabilities with close attention paid to the customer specifications. With this in mind, we develop partnerships with our customers on projects related to product and process development.

Aluminium Product Range

By offering innovative and sustainable products, Hydro work to enhance people's quality of life – every day supplying products that fall into the broad product categories of:

  • Automotive and transport
  • Casthouse products
  • Extruded products
  • Rolled products
  • Wire rod

Hydro’s Aluminium-Related Services

The ability to meet customer needs with Hydro Aluminium's capabilities is the foundation of our success and growth. Companies around the world have chosen Hydro Aluminium as a partner because of our competitive edge in quality, innovation, reliability and service.

Our service concept for metal products activities is widely seen as the leader in the market, thanks to top quality metal, fast delivery, technical and commercial support, and an internet based e-portal to better serve our customers.

Services to Back Up Aluminium Products

For us, it’s not enough to create and innovate top-quality aluminium applications, we have to follow up our production with services that are valuable to our customers. We can do this in a number of ways; from Hydro Aluminium Billet Plus, our incentive program for extrusion ingots, to maintaining the leading remelting and recycling facilities in Europe, to our user-friendly customer e-portal and through our commercial services.

People are the Key

Most of all, the key is the people providing the services, creating the one-on-one relationships that drive our growth and development as a company. We create an environment of professionalism and respect in the workplace, and this results in a level of service to our customers that matches the high quality of our products.

Research and Development

Around the world, Hydro’s Research and Development teams work to create innovative solutions to the challenges we face. Our goal is to achieve continuous improvement and innovation on every level.

Commitment to Product and Process Improvement

Hydro's research and development effort is oriented towards the core activities of Hydro, and serves to continuously improve products and manufacturing processes, as well as to develop innovative technologies and new applications. We work to secure the continued progress of aluminium as a competitive and environmentally sound material.

Safeguarding the Environment and Opening New Markets

New and better products and manufacturing processes will not only safeguard the environment, but also ensure product quality and open new markets. By carefully examining our manufacturing processes and consulting with marketing and production experts, Hydro work hard to apply what we have learned in research and development for the direct benefit of customers and consumers throughout the world.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Hydro - Aluminium Alloys and Products.

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