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Capral Aluminium Limited is a premium supplier of aluminium extrusion and sheet products in Australia.

Capral is an industry leader offering innovative aluminium solutions, extensive distribution channels and value-adding services including powder coating, anodising and light fabrication.

Aluminium in the Marine Industry

Aluminium is recognised as one of the material shaping the automobiles of the future. Capral Aluminium is regarded as an innovator in the application of aluminium extrusion technology for the automotive and marine industry.

Applications of Aluminium in the Marine Industry

Aluminium is ideal for the construction of small leisure boats, luxury vessels, workboats, fishing vessels, and patrol boats through to some of the world’s largest high speed passenger / car ferries. The versatile benefits of aluminium’s strength and weldability are well documented. It is the preferred material for many designers and boat builders alike. 

Reasons Why Aluminium is Such a Popular Material in the Marine Indstry

Properties of aluminium that make it so popular in the marine industry include:

        Aluminium is light weight.

        It has high corrosion resistance in marine environments.

        It has excellent strength to weight ratio.

        It is available in sheet, plate, and complex extruded shapes.

        It is easy to fabricate.

Aluminium Alloys Used in the Marine Industry

Aluminium alloys commonly used in the marine industry include:

        Aluminium-magnesium alloys - 5000 series, used primarily for rolled materials (sheet/plate). Most common are 5083 & 5383.

        Aluminium-magnesium-silicon alloys - 6000 series, used primarily for extruded sections. Most common are 6082, 6061, 6005A & 6060. 

Source: Capral Aluminium

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