Fused Silica Melting Pots for Glass Applications

Vesuvius offers specially formulated Fused Silica Melting Pots for the melting of different glass types such as borosilicate, optical glass, colored glass, opal glass, crystal glass, electronic glass and other formulations.

Advantages of Fused Silica Melting Pots

Advantages of using Fused Silica Melting Pots include:

  • Ready to use product
  • No preheating or conditioning
  • Amorphous SiO2 material structure provides excellent glass melt condition
  • Consistent material behavior throughout the industrial manufacturing process
  • Customized shapes
  • High purity composition
  • Proven comparable results vs. Fused Quartz

ZYAROCK® Fused Silica Gathering Balls and Rings are used for production of melting glass gobs. Balls are used for semi volume production. The melting rate of these furnaces is 8-12 tons /day.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Vesuvius.

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