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Gold Standard Reference Nanoparticles

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An analysis of publications on nanotechnology-related research and applications has shown that gold is extensively used in nanotechnology. The term nanotechnology (a nanometer is one-billionth of a meter) is like a catch-all term for methods that enable material of this size to be manufactured and utilized.

Gold Reference Standards

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has chosen BBInternational’s gold nanoparticles as the source for a range of certified reference materials for pre-clinical biomedical study.

Applications for Gold Reference Standards

NIST, a U.S. federal agency, uses BBInternational’s colloidal gold nanoparticles to produce nanoscale reference materials for the assessment and qualification of methodology as well as the performance of instruments. This would enable companies dealing with research and diagnostics to make sure that their equipment is functioning within the stipulated quality control (QC) parameters for the measurement and characterization of quality nanoparticles.


In the life science and diagnostic industries, BBInternational has been a top international supplier of gold nanoparticles since 1986. Customers depend on the company’s strict quality control procedures for consistent reproducibility and stability. BBInternational’s proprietary manufacturing method enables consistent and large-scale production of highly spherical, mono-disperse gold nanoparticles in pre-defined sizes. These nanoparticles are extensively used in quick lateral flow assays.

BBInternational’s Collaboration with NIST

We are delighted that our gold has been recognized by NIST as the reference standard in this category. Everything we do at BBI is governed by quality and this collaboration with NIST further supports the ‘Gold Standard’ reputation that BBI gold has worked hard to achieve within the industry. We look forward to working with NIST in communicating this message, and supporting the industry with our expertise in the field.

Lyn Rees, CEO, Diagnostics Division, BBInternational

Production of Gold Colloids

The gold colloid from BBInternational is synthesized using a special recipe and quality process. This enables the manufacture of gold colloids in pre-defined sizes, with a uniform shape and optimum roundness. The gold colloids have less than 8% CV that results in cluster-free, stable gold with improved performance and sensitivity. The company has developed a good customer base worldwide, offering reagents and services to clients ranging from small universities to blue-chip diagnostic industry leaders.

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