Light-Weight Composites for Pneumatic Cylinder Tubing - Black Amalgon

Black Amalgon (BA) is a premium light weight pneumatic cylinder tubing that offers a smooth, self-lubricating wear surface that prevents pistons from sticking. BA can also be used to replace honed and chromed steel, stainless and aluminum tubing.

75% Reduction in Weight

Black Amalgon reduces material handling and shipping costs. Approximately 1/4 the weight of steel or brass and 3/4 the weight of aluminum, BA is much easier to handle than traditional metal tubing. Assembly times are reduced and stress loads on connected component parts are decreased.

Superior Corrosion Resistance

Trouble-free performance in chemical, high moisture and other adverse environments including salt and chlorinated water which results in significant reduction in life cycle costs.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

No piston lock-up. BA's manufacturing process ensures a smooth self-lubricating inside surface that prevents pistons from sticking, even after they have remained idle for months. Ongoing tests conducted on non-lubricated cylinders resulted in cycles of greater than a million strokes without requiring seal replacement.

Storage Capacity

We can stock products to meet your JIT, MRP, or KAN BAN requirements.

Eliminate Honing Costs

A surface smoother than honed steel...without the costs of honing. A 5-15 Ra micro-inch surface finish performs just like a honed surface.

Shape Stability and Impact Resistance

Ship, store and cut BA, it will retain its circular shape. Unlike metals, the product does not dent. Material impact strength is 40 lzod ft-lbs.

Excellent Thermal Stability

With a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, BA operates efficiently up to 250 °F and customers have reported success in using our product at temperatures below -50 °F.

Non-Magnetic Material

Permits magnetic sensors to control piston movement directly through the wall thickness.

Standard Sizes

Black Amalgon Tubing is available in a range of standard sizes. These can be specified with either standard bore sizes or standard wall thicknesses. For more information on standard size Black Amalgon Tubing, click here.

Mechanical Properties of Black Amalgon

The mechanical properties of Black Amalgon are listed in the table below:

Material Properties E-Glass Commercial Carbon Applications
Flexural Modulus Longitudinal, 106 x psi 1.3 2.5 PNEUMATIC & HYDRAULIC CYLINDERS



Flexural Modulus Circumferential, 106 x psi 3.6 8.7
Tensile Strength Longitudinal, psi 16,000 12,000
Tensile Strength Circumferential, psi 40,000 58,000
Compressive Strength Longitudinal, psi 27,000 37,000
Compressive Strength Circumferential, psi 37,000 35,000
Shear Modulus, psi x 106 0.8 0.8
Shear Strength, psi 8,000 8,000
CTE Circumferential, in/in/°F x 10-6 4.6 -0.81
CTE Longitudinal, in/in/°F x 10-6 8.8 4.4
Poisson's ratio, Nuxy 0.35 0.43
Density, Lb/in3 0.072 0.058

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