Reservoir Quality Translucent Pressure Tubing

Reservoir Quality Transulcent Tubing (RQ) is designed for pressurized air-oil system reservoirs. RQ is lightweight, shatter resistant and has an impact strength of 40 Izod ft-lbs and also provides a superior corrosion resistance.

"At-A-Glance" Fluid Level Indication

Designed specifically for pressurized air-oil system reservoirs, translucent Reservoir Quality (RQ) Tubing provides the ease of "at-a-glance" fluid level indication from any angle. RQ tubing is available in ID sizes ranging from 1 inch to 30 inches (metric sizes also available) and is typically used in systems of 150 psi or higher.

Key Features of Reservoir Quality Transulcent Tubing (RQ)

Key features of Reservoir Quality Transulcent Tubing (RQ) include:

Eliminates Costly Sight Glass

RQ tubing is translucent, eliminating the need for an expensive and fragile sight glass.

Shatter Resistant

RQ tubing is formulated to withstand high impact and it is chip resistant. With an impact strength of 40 lzod ft.-lbs., unlike metals, RQ simply does not dent.

10 Times as Strong

RQ tubing offers at least 10 times the tensile strength of conventional thermoplastics such as polycarbonate, polystyrene and acrylic.

Superior Corrosion Resistance

Trouble-free performance in chemical, acid, high moisture and other corrosive conditions and adverse environments including salt, and chlorinated water.

75% Reduction in Weight

Composite construction reduces material handling and shipping costs. Approximately 1/4 the weight of steel or brass, and 3/4 the weight of aluminum, RQ is much easier to handle than traditional metal tubing. Assembly times are reduced and stress loads on connected component parts are decreased.

Uncompromising Quality and Service

Uncompromising Quality and Service Includes:

Large Inventory of Tooling

Amalga Composites has developed an extensive inventory of tooling to meet most needs. If not available, we will quote the cost of tooling separately.

Storage Capacity

We can stock products to meet your JIT, MRP, or KAN BAN requirements.

Quality Products for the Fluid Power Industry

Amalga Composites, Inc. is a leader in designing, engineering and manufacturing filament wound composites to meet the tough environmental and performance requirements of the Fluid Power Industry.

Responsive Service

Call for additional technical assistance on the size and price for Reservoir Quality Tubing and other composite products. We are interested in helping you!

Standard Sizes

Reservoir Quality Transulcent Tubing (RQ) is available in a range of standard sizes. These can be specified with either standard bore sizes or standard wall thicknesses.

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