Wear Plate and Pipe Solutions for Industries with Wear Problems

Trimay wear plate and pipe is designed to combat the rigors of high wear environments and is a viable solution to the problem of wear in many industries. By reducing wear, service life of components is extended reducing downtime allowing the user to concentrate on production rather than maintenance and in the process increasing efficiency. Outlined below are some industries and examples of where they can benefit from changing over to using Trimay wear plate in place of more traditional materials.


Mining involves drag lining, blasting or heavy haulers. Trimay overlays protect equipment and parts which come into direct contact with aggregates in soft and hard rock mining sites where harsh environments prevail. Some of the largest mines in North America have been using Trimay’s overlays since the 1950s. The company also offered on-site product expertise on request.

Concrete Plants

In concrete plants, concrete and cement powder rapidly destroy equipment. Silica sands and other larger additives together form challenging industrial wear. Concrete plants require wear protection having a tight microstructure, which can absorb impact while still keeping weight down. The T171* overlay from Trimay satisfies these conditions as it is light and is as durable as tungsten, but is comparatively less costly.

Asphalt and Aggregate

The extent of wear caused by asphalt and aggregate differs in different locations and environments. There is a big difference between wear caused by silica sand, which has several razor edges, and an aggregate having high concentrations of limestone, which has powder-like properties. Trimay overlays protects against wear caused by silica sand particles.


The lumber industry, where the shredders, corrosive pulp and mulcher walls undergo rapid wear, maintenance is a tough task. Trimay’s overlays provide good protection from wear due to logging, hauling, chipping, and mixing. They deter abrasive wear and can be fabricated to offer protection to a variety of equipment.

Oil and Gas

Trimay offers robust overlays which are used for auger head applications and downhole drilling in oil and gas exploration. These overlays can also be used in high wear areas in the refining process. New solutions are being developed by Trimay® Pipe Products Ltd. for problems being faced currently.

Thermal Power Generation

Trimay offers a series of wear overlays that can perform under temperatures of up to 650°C or 1202 F. They have very low friction coefficient of 0.185, which deters build up of materials and can be customized to provide protection to parts like coal-crushing trunions.

About Trimay

Trimay develops and manufactures the highest quality wear overlays for customers seeking to maximize efficiency by extending the life of equipment, parts and pipelines exposed to severe wear conditions. Trimay achieves its high-quality standard through research and development, partner companies and exclusive suppliers, as well as through in- house experimentation and process optimization.

* Developed by Trimay Wearplate Ltd. using NanoSteel® Technology under license from The NanoSteel® Company, Inc.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Trimay Wear Plate Ltd

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