NanoTest System for Nanomechanical Property Measurements

NanoTest System

The NanoTest system from Micro Materials (MML) is a complete testing platform for conducting nano-mechanical and nano-tribological tests. This system provides comprehensive and flexible measurement options. It is even capable of advanced testing of nano-scratch and wear, nano-impact and fatigue. Nanointendation tests can be done at high temperatures for solids as well as fluids through the NanoTest.

Properties of thin films or solids like hardness, toughness, modulus and adhesion can be measured using the NanoTest.

200 x 200μm images of scratches on hard nanocomposite TiN/Si3N4 coatings on Si

Testing Methods

MML has expert testing methods which simulate real-time conditions in which the sample is present. There are two methods of testing, namely high temperature testing and liquid cell testing.

High-Temperature Testing

In this method, the samples are subjected to temperatures as high as 750°C. This is highly relevant to applications like cutting tools and aerospace that require materials to be coated at high temperatures. The NanoTest system proves to a handy testing system in such applications.

Liquid Cell Testing

In this application the sample is tested while it is submerged in a fluid. This testing is method is often used in biotechnology because in-vivo conditions are replicated during testing.


Academic and Industrial areas offer a number of opportunities to test using the NanoTest system. Some of the industrial applications include:

  • Aerospace
  • Construction
  • MEMS
  • Automotive industry

Academic applications include but are certainly not resticted to biomedical and pharmaceutical.

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