Guardian Hardband for Severe Wear Drilling Applications

Guardian HB Tool Joint Hardband

Guardian HB from the NanoSteel Company is the first engineered tool joint hardband. It provides:

  • Industry Leading Casing Wear Protection
  • Exceptional Tool Joint Protection in Casing
  • Proven Performance for more than 5 Years
  • Superior Spalling Resistance
  • Easy field reapplication
  • Virtually Crack Free

Nanosteel Guardian HB Tool Joint Harband.

Applications for Guardian HB Tool Joint Hardband

Guardian HB has been designed for use in severe wear drilling environments where it can be used for the following types of drilling:

  • Extended Reach
  • Horizontal
  • Deepwater
  • Abrasive Hard Rock

Performance and Versatility of Guardian HB

Engineered for the toughest drilling challenges, Guardian HB utilizes NanoSteel’s patented nanotechnology to provide high hardness necessary for exceptional wear performance and high toughness to deliver impact resistance necessary for resisting spalling and flaking downhole.

Many customers have now benefitted from using Guardian HB with more than 700 miles of drill pipe having been put into service over the last 5 years.

Performance Characteristics of Guardian HB

Aside from the long lifetime performance and low lifetime cost, Guardian HB is characterized by:

  • Casing friendly
  • High tool joint radial wear protection
  • Virtually crack free
  • Easy field reapplication
  • Exceptional spalling resistance

Guardian HB is the ideal choice of oil companies and drill pipe owners for a complete range of original and after market applications as it easily handles severe wear environments.

No Compromise in Casing and Tool Joint Wear Protection

Industry Leading Casing Wear Protection

The industry leading casing wear protection of Guardian HB is due to the nano-sized metallurgical grain structure.

When compared to other leading brands and subjected to DEA 42 wear tests, Guardian HB outperforms its nearest rival by 37% in casing wear.

High Tool Joint Protection in Casing

Guardian HB also provides significantly better tool joint life than any other casing friendly hardband material, again displaying a 37% reduction in case wear over the next best performer when subjected to the DEA 42 wear test.

Guardian HB provides maximum casing wear performance with no compromise in tool joint wear protection.

Field Service Friendly

Easy Reapplication of Guardian HB

Guardian HB unique set of properties allow for very easy, quick and reliable reapplications by field service welding teams.

The net results are fast turnarounds in the field and significant cost savings over the life of the drill pipe.

Crack Free through Matched Expansion Characteristics

Engineered with a thermal expansion co-efficient similar to that of the base tool jouint steel, Guardian HB residual stresses and cracking are minimized enhacning service life and performance.

In comparison to conventional hardband materials, Guardian HB does not sacrifice hardness or toughness to achieve its unique properties. NanoSteel has designed an alloy with its patented nanotechnology that maintains high performance of both properties.

Dye penetrant testing shows how NanoSteel’s patented nanotechnology allows Guardian™ HB to provide long life and efficient tool joint performance.

About the NanoSteel Company

The NanoSteel Company is an advanced materials company which has created a unique and proprietary portfolio of nanotechnology based and environmentally friendly steel alloys that greatly increase the value of steel in most of today’s industrial applications.

Product success has been through the development of Super Hard Steel® (SHS) alloys which feature nanoscale microstructures. SHS alloys are for use as metallic coatings within power generation, mining, cement, concrete and oil & gas industries.

Applied by thermal spray and weld overlay processes, NanoSteel SHS alloys dramatically increase the service life of industrial components subject to wear and corrosion environments, eliminating the need for costly alternatives and environmentally dangerous chrome plating.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by NanoSteel.

Source: The NanoSteel Company

For more information on this source, please visit The Nanosteel Company


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