ID Clad Wear Pipe for Extreme Industrial Service Environments

NanoSteel has designed pipes for high wear applications that possess high hardness and abrasion resistance. These pipes are suited to extreme industrial service conditions due to their weld overlay hardfacing applied to their internal surfaces. The process for applying the weld overlay hardfacing was developed by Trimay Wear Pipe under licence from the Nanosteel Company.

Figure 1. Threaded joint on ID hardfaced wear pipe.

Properties of ID Clad Wear Pipe

ID Clad Wear Pipe from Nanosteel exhibits high hardness and toughness properties. These are combined with exceptional resistance to sliding and slurry abrasion resulting in:

  • Extended wear life
  • Better price/performance ratio over competing materials

NanoSteel's ID Clad Wear Pipe also possesses minimal elongation and pipe shrinkage. By maintaining a consistent 15% dilution rate allows a continuous weld bead to be applied evenly on the inside throughout the entire length of the pipe. This results in:

  • Minimal elongation – Less than 1%
  • Minimal shrinkage – Under 1% on the ID
  • Strong cohesion between the ID overlay and substrate
  • Easy on-site pipe alignment and installation

The weld bead orientation is structured perpendicular to material flow for even wear resistance throughout the length of the pipe.

Connecting ID Clad Wear Pipe

Nanosteel can design and manufacture ID Hardfaced Wear Pipe so that that it can be connected by flange or threaded joints. Furthermore, the joints fit flush, reducing wear and resulting in a longer lasting weld seam at every connection.

Figure 2. Flange joint on ID hardfaced wear pipe.

Transitions and Bends/Elbows

Nanosteel also offer a range of transitions and bends/elbows in various sizes that are welded continuously on the ID.

About Nanosteel

The NanoSteel Company is an advanced materials company which has created a unique and proprietary portfolio of nanotechnology based and environmentally friendly steel alloys that greatly increase the value of steel in most of today’s industrial applications.

Product success has been through the development of Super Hard Steel® (SHS) alloys which feature nanoscale microstructures. SHS alloys are for use as metallic coatings within power generation, mining, cement, concrete and oil & gas industries.

Applied by thermal spray and weld overlay processes, NanoSteel SHS alloys dramatically increase the service life of industrial components subject to wear and corrosion environments, eliminating the need for costly alternatives and environmentally dangerous chrome plating.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by NanoSteel.

Source: NanoSteel

For more information on this source, please visit The NanoSteel Company.


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