Tougher than Phenolic, DAP, Melamine and Urea.  Cheap compared to Epoxy.  Good gloss & colour (with gel coat).  Addition reaction on cure, therefore pressure not essential to provide defect-free products.  Vinyl Ester & Bisphenol Polyester has better chemical resistance than general purpose Polyester.


Styrene causes health hazard and can taint products.  Heat resistance inferior to that of Epoxy and Phenolic.  Poor solvent resistance compared to other thermosets.  Catalysts can oxidise metals, so rarely used for encapsulation.


DMC & GMC: Mouldings for automotive use, small cabinets for meters, electrical devices, etc.  SMC: Large panels for automotive or constructional applications.  Resin: (Flake glass filled) for chemically resistant linings for concrete and steel vessels.  (Glass fibre filled) for filament winding, hand lay-up, centrifugal casting. 


Source : Abstracted from Plascams

For more information on Plascams please visit The Rubber and Plastics Research Association


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