Phenolic - PF Phenol Formaldehyde


Low cost basic resin. Addition of appropriate fillers can generate high temperature resistant grades (185°C/370°F).  Normal Phenolics resistant to 150°C/300°F. Low smoke emission.


Tends to be brittle with normal low cost fillers.  Only available in dark colours.  Certain resin formulations not resistant to alkalies.  Humidity badly affects tracking resistance.


Mouldings: Electrical & mechanical fittings, e.g. handles, plugs, sockets, connectors (although replaced by urea’s for domestic market).  Bottle tops.

Resins: Adhesive/binder for chipboard, plywood. Chemically resistant coatings for metals.

Laminates: General industrial use (Tufnol), PCB, water lubricated bearings.

Foam: Thermal insulation. 


Source : Abstracted from Plascams

For more information on Plascams please visit The Rubber and Plastics Research Association


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