Aluminum 5182 Alloy (UNS A95182)

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Aluminium / aluminum is a lightweight and malleable metal that has been in use for centuries. Aluminium / aluminum 5000 series alloys are mainly used in sheet or plate form but can be obtained as extrusions as well.

Aluminium / aluminum 5182 alloy is a wrought alloy type with good corrosion resistance. Weldability and resistance to corrosion of aluminium / aluminum 5182 alloy is considered favorable. The following datasheet will provide more details about aluminium / aluminum 5182 alloy.

Chemical Composition

The following table shows the chemical composition of aluminium / aluminum 5182 alloy.

Element Content (%)
Aluminum, Al 95.2
Magnesium, Mg 4.5
Manganese, Mn 0.35

Physical Properties

The physical properties of aluminium/aluminum 5182 alloy are outlined in the following table.

Properties Metric Imperial
Density 2.65 g/cm³ 0.0957 lb/in³
Melting point 577 - 638 °C 1070 - 1180 °F

Mechanical Properties

The mechanical properties of aluminium / aluminum 5182-O alloy are tabulated below.

Properties Metric Imperial
Tensile strength 275 MPa 39900 psi
Yield strength 130 MPa 18900 psi
Elongation at break (@thickness 1.60 mm/0.0630 in) 21% 21%
Elastic modulus 69.6 GPa 10100 ksi
Shear modulus 26 GPa 3770 ksi
Poisson’s ratio 0.33 0.33
Hardness, Brinell 74 74
Hardness, Knoop (converted from Brinell hardness value) 97 97
Hardness, Vickers (converted from Brinell hardness value) 84 84

Thermal Properties

The thermal properties of aluminium / aluminum 5182 alloy are tabulated below.

Properties Conditions
T (°C) Treatment
Thermal conductivity 123 W/mK 25 All


The following are the applications of aluminium / aluminum 5182 alloy:

  • Packaging products such as containers
  • Beverage cans
  • Motor vehicles automotive body panels and reinforcement members
  • Brackets and parts.

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