Aluminum 7079 Alloy (UNS A97079)

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Chemical Composition


Aluminium / aluminum was first isolated in 1825 by Hans Christian Orsted. Since then it has gained immense recognition for its myriad of properties.

Aluminium / aluminum 7079 alloy is a heat treatable wrought alloy with high strength.

The following datasheet will provide more details about aluminium / aluminum 7079 alloy.

Chemical Composition

The following table shows the chemical composition of aluminium / aluminum 7079 alloy.

Element Content (%)
Zinc, Zn 3.8-4.8
Magnesium, Mg 2.9-3.7
Copper, Cu 0.40-0.8
Iron, Fe 0.40 max
Silicon, Si 0.30 max
Manganese, Mn 0.10-0.30
Chromium, Cr 0.10-0.25
Titanium, Ti 0.10 max
Remainder (each) 0.5 max
Remainder (total) 0.15 max
Aluminum, Al Remainder


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Heat treatment of aluminium / aluminum 7079 includes solution treatment, aging treatment, and annealing treatment.

Machinability of aluminium / aluminum 7079 is good for T6 temper and matches the qualities of aluminium / aluminum 7075-T6.

Workability is similar to aluminium / aluminum 7075 alloy. Forming in as-quenched condition provides good results.

Annealing provides superior formability and obvious reduction in workability following solution heat treatment.


Aluminium / aluminum 7079 alloy is chiefly used in the following areas:

  • For highly stressed parts
  • In aircraft industry for aircraft parts such as wing panels and bulkhead assemblies
  • Mobile industry equipment
  • Hydraulic units

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