Copper Alloy (UNS C84000)

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There are nearly 400 varieties of copper alloys. Cast red, yellow and leaded brasses are types of copper alloy denoted by UNS numbers C83300 to C85800. These alloys are very ductile.

Cast brasses have a wide range of applications in architectural and decorative areas, in manufacturing electrical equipment, heating and cooling equipment, small gears, valve components, pipe fittings, pump impellers, and gas line fittings.

The following datasheet discusses the chemical composition and properties of copper UNS C84000.

Chemical Composition

The chemical composition of UNS C84000 copper alloy is outlined in the following table.

Element Content (%)
Copper, Cu 82-89
Zinc, Zn 5-14
Tin, Sn 2-4
Nickel, Ni 0.5-2
Iron, Fe 0.4
Boron, B 0.2
Zirconium, Zr 0.2
Sulfur, S 0.1-0.65
Lead, Pb 0.09
Phosphorous, P 0.05
Antimony, Sb 0.02
Silicon, Si 0.005
Aluminum, Al 0.005

Physical Properties

The following table discusses the physical properties of copper UNS C84000.

Properties Metric Imperial
Melting point (solidus) 936°C 1717°F
Melting point (liquidus) 1043°C 1909°F

Mechanical Properties

The mechanical properties of UNS C84000 copper semi-red brass casting alloy (M01-temper) are tabulated below.

Properties Metric Imperial
Tensile strength 214 MPa 31 ksi
Yield strength 110 MPa 16 ksi
Elongation 15% 15%


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