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Nickel alloy L605/25 is a non-magnetic chromium, nickel, tungsten, cobalt alloy. It has excellent high temperature strength and good oxidation resistance at about 1093ºC (2000ºF). The alloy is precipitation hardenable, and has excellent resistance to sulfidation.

The following section will provide an overview of nickel alloy L605/25.

Chemical Composition

The chemical composition nickel alloy L605/25 is outlined in the following table.

Element Content (%)
Chromium, Cr 19-21
Tungsten, W 14-16
Nickel, Ni 9-11
Iron, Fe 3
Manganese, Mn 1-2
Silicon, Si 0.4
Carbon, C 0.05-0.15
Phosphorus, P 0.04
Sulfur, S 0.03

Physical Properties

The following table shows the physical properties of nickel alloy L605/25.

Properties Metric Imperial
Density 9.13 g/cm3 0.330 lb/in3
Melting point 1410°C 2570°F

Mechanical Properties

The mechanical properties of nickel alloy L605/25 are displayed in the following table.

Properties Metric Imperial
Tensile strength 862 MPa 125 ksi
Yield strength 310 MPa 45 ksi
Elongation at break 30% 30%

Thermal Properties

The thermal properties of nickel alloy L605/25 are given in the following table.

Properties Metric Imperial
Thermal expansion co-efficient (@25-100°C/70-200°F) 12.3 µm/m°C 6.8 µin/in°F
Thermal conductivity 9.4 W/mK 65².°F


The following are the list of applications of nickel alloy L605/25:

  • Heart valves
  • Springs
  • High temperature bearing races and ball bearings
  • Gas turbine engine combustion chambers and afterburners.

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