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Modelling And Simulation Of Integrated Systems In Engineering

Modelling And Simulation Of Integrated Systems In Engineering

  • lays emphasis on issues of model quality and the suitability of a given model for a specific application
  • Focuses on multidisciplinary problems within engineering feature strongly in the applications
  • the testing and development of nonlinear dynamic models is given very strong emphasis
  • particular attention is given to integrated systems applications involving complex design processes where decisions involving one sub-system have a direct bearing on the design of other sub-systems and on the overall structure of the complete system
  • issues of model documentation, version control and the use of generic models are carefully considered

This book places specific emphasis on issues of model quality and ideas of model testing and validation. Mathematical and computer-based models provide a foundation for explaining complex behaviour, decision-making, engineering design and for real-time simulators for research and training. Many engineering design techniques depend on suitable models, assessment of the adequacy of a given model for an intended application is therefore critically important. Generic model structures and dependable libraries of sub-models that can be applied repeatedly are increasingly important. Applications are drawn from the fields of mechanical, aeronautical and control engineering, and involve non-linear lumped-parameter models described by ordinary differential equations.

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