Applied Electromagnetism and Materials

Applied Electromagnetism and Materials

Applied Electromagnetism and Materials picks up where Basic Electromagnetism and Materials left off by presenting practical and relevant technological information about electromagnetic material properties and their applications. This book is aimed at senior undergraduate and graduate students as well as researchers in materials science and is the product of many years of teaching basic and applied electromagnetism. Topics range from the spectroscopy and characterization of dielectrics and semiconductors, to non-linear effects and electromagnetic cavities, to ion-beam applications in materials science.

Written for:
Senior undergraduate and graduate students in Materials Science

Table of contents
Dielectrics under oscillating conditions and relaxation phenomena.- Characterisation of dielectrics.- Spectroscopy of dielectrics and the Kramers-Krönig relationship.- Introduction to non-linear effects.- Electromagnetic cavities.- Particles in electromagnetic fields, and optics for ions and electrons.- The application of electromagnetic processes in a large scale apparatus: the particle accelerator.- Electromagnetic interaction of particles with matter; ion beam applications in materials.

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