Nanotechnology in Catalysis 3

Nanotechnology in Catalysis 3

This volume continues the tradition formed in Nanotechnology in Catalysis 1 and 2. As with those books, this one is based upon an ACS symposium. Some of the most illustrious names in heterogeneous catalysis are among the contributors. The book covers: Design, synthesis, and control of catalysts at nanoscale; understanding of catalytic reaction at nanometer scale; characterization of nanomaterials as catalysts; nanoparticle metal or metal oxides catalysts; nanomaterials as catalyst supports; new catalytic applications of nanomaterials.

Written for:
Scientists in Academe, Government, and Industry; Textbook for undergraduates, graduate students, or professionals new to the discipline; government officials interested in the technical issues

Table of contents
Nanotechnology: Applications and Potentials for Heterogeneous Catalysts.- Oxide-Supported Metal Thin Film Catalysts: The How and Why.- Developing Catalytic Nanomotors.- Catalysis by Gold: Recent Advances in Oxidation Reactions.- Gold Catalysts Supported on Nanostructured Materials: Support Effects.- Highly Effective Nanocatalysts Prepared through Sol-gel Technique.- Dendrimer Templates for Supported Nanoparticle Catalysts.- Tungsten Oxide Nanorods: Synthesis, Cheracterization, and Applications.- Catalysis by Metal and Oxide Nano-Particles, Single Metal Atoms and Di-nuclear Oxo-Ions in Zeolites.- Dual Catalytic Role of Co nanoparticles in Bulk Synthesis of Si-Based Nanowires.- Influence of Particle Size and Interaction with the Support on Redox and Catalytic Properties of Metals, Metal Oxides and Metal Complexes.- Thermo-Catalytic Oxidation of Dihydroxybenzenes in the Presence of Nano-Particle Iron Oxide.- Synthesis of Palladium Based Supported Catalysts by Colloidal Oxide Chemistry.- Gold-Based Nanoparticle Catalysts for Fuel Cell Reactions.- Carbon Supported Core-Shell PtSnOx Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Characterization and Performance as Anode Catalysts for Direct Ethanol Fuel Cells.

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