Atomic and Molecular Manipulation Volume 2

Atomic and Molecular Manipulation Volume 2

Work with individual atoms and molecules aims to demonstrate that miniaturized electronic, optical, magnetic, and mechanical devices can operate ultimately even at the level of a single atom or molecule. As such, atomic and molecular manipulation has played an emblematic role in the development of the field of nanoscience.

New methods based on the use of the scanning tunnelling microscope (STM) have been developed to characterize and manipulate all the degrees of freedom of individual atoms and molecules with an unprecedented precision. In the meantime, new concepts have emerged to design molecules and substrates having specific optical, mechanical and electronic functions, thus opening the way to the fabrication of real nano-machines.

Manipulation of individual atoms and molecules has also opened up completely new areas of research and knowledge, raising fundamental questions of:

  • Optics at the atomic scale
  • Mechanics at the atomic scale
  • Electronics at the atomic scale
  • Quantum physics at the atomic scale and
  • Chemistry at the atomic scale

Atomic and Molecular Manipulation Volume 2 aims to illustrate the main aspects of this ongoing scientific adventure and to anticipate the major challenges for the future in "Atomic and molecular manipulation" from fundamental knowledge to the fabrication of atomic-scale devices.

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