Characterization II

Characterization II

Molecular Sieves - Science and Technology covers, in a comprehensive manner, the science and technology of zeolites and all related microporous and mesoporous materials. Authored by renowned experts, the contributions to this handbook-like series are grouped together topically in such a way that each volume deals with a specific sub-field. Volume 5 complements Volume 4 (Characterization I) in that it is devoted to the characterization of molecular sieves by a variety of non-spectroscopic techniques (Characterization II). Thus, Volume 5 comprises Chemical Analysis, Thermal Analysis, Pore-Size Characterization by Molecular Probes, Characterization by 129Xe NMR, Coke Characterization, Synthesis and Characterization of Isomorphously Substituted Molecular Sieves.

Table of contents
Fricke and Kosslick: Chemical Analysis of Aluminosilicates, Aluminophosphates and Related Molecular Sieves.- Pál-Borbély and Beyer: Thermal Analysis of Zeolites.- Weitkamp, Traa and Sealy: Characterization of the Pore Size of Molecular Sieves Using Molecular Probes.- Fraissard, Bonardet, Gideon and Springuel-Huet: NMR of Physisorbed 129XE used as a Probe to investigate Molecular Sieves.- Bauer and Karge: Characterization of Coke on Zeolites.- I. Kiricsi and J. Nagy: Isomorphous Substitution in Zeolites.

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