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Physical Properties of Polymers Handbook

Physical Properties of Polymers Handbook

This handbook offers concise information on the properties of polymeric materials, particularly those most relevant to the areas of physical chemistry and chemical physics. In the second edition of Physical Properties of Polymers Handbook, each chapter has been extensively updated and revised.. Each chapter has been extensively updated and revised. In addition, a dozen new chapters have been added, increasing the number of topics covered by approximately 25%. Half of these new chapters can be grouped into the general area of "Reinforcing Materials for Polymers." New chapters have increased the number of topics to cover Carbon black, Silica, Clays and other layered fillers, POSS cubic particles, Nanotubes, and Reinforcement theory. Other new chapters focus on Rotaxanes and related materials, Self-assembly materials, Foldamer supramolecular structures, Tribology, Mechanical properties of single molecules, and dendrimers. The study of complex materials is highly interdisciplinary, and new findings are published in a large selection of journals by a wide range of scientific and engineering societies. Physical Properties of Polymers Handbook brings together the work of experts from different disciplines who are contributing to the growing area of polymers and complex materials.

Written for:
Polymer scientists, polymer engineers, materials scientists, and chemical engineers in academia, industry, and government laboratories

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