Configurable AFM for Solar, Semiconductor, Polymer and Life Science Applications - Innova from Bruker

The Bruker Innova Atomic Force Microscope offers a wide range of functionality for the physical, life, and material science industries. This customizable and highly configurable system provides precise and high-resolution imaging. Its advanced closed-loop scan linearization system ensures exact measurements and noise levels approaching those of open loop operation.

The Innova scans up to 90 microns in closed-loop without the need for changing scanner hardware and delivers atomic resolution with great ease. The built-in high resolution color optics, open stage, and new software with experiment selector make it fast and easy to set up each new experiment.

Key Features

The main features of the Innova Atomic Force Microscope are:

  • High-resolution imaging
  • innovative design optimized for lowest closed-loop noise and drift
  • Precise measurements
  • Accurate region of interest identification
  • Fast setup for every experiment and application
  • Powerful research flexibility
  • Ergonomic open stage and premounted cantilever option
  • Fast and easy tip and sample exchange
  • NanoDrive version 8 software
  • Full range of SPM modes available


The applications of the Innova Atomic Force Microscope are

  • Nanolithography
  • Materials science
  • Life sciences
  • Solar and semiconductor devices
  • Polymer chemistry


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