Dimension Icon Atomic Force Microscope from Bruker

The Dimension Icon Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) System from Bruker Nano Surfaces offers new levels of functionality, performance, and AFM accessibility to researchers in science and industry. The system is built on the widely used large-sample AFM platform and is the result of years of technological innovation, industry-leading application flexibility, and customer feedback.

The Dimension Icon offers the revolutionary low noise and low drift, allowing users to obtain artifact-free images instantly. It is also fitted with proprietary ScanAsyst automatic image optimization technology, which allows faster, easier, and more consistent results, irrespective of user skill level. In addition, an all-new intuitive user interface together with the world’s most flexible platform of the Dimension AFM provides unparalleled productivity, ensuring faster time to results and publication.

Key Features

The main features of the Dimension Icon are:

  • Ultimate performance: Proprietary sensor design, reduced noise floor, drift rates less than 200pm per minute deliver distortion-free images
  • Exceptional productivity: Integrated feedback alignment tools, high-resolution camera and X-Y positioning, ScanAsyst Imaging and NanoScope software
  • Superior versatility: Wide-open access to tip and sample, custom user-programmable script
  • Powerful AFM control
  • Ease of use with expert functionality
  • Immediate research-quality results
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Powered by a full suite of AFM accessories and modes

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