Gage-Capable ContourSP Large Panel Metrology System from Bruker

PCB manufacturers are developing denser and small features on highly thin high-density interconnect (HDI) and multi-chip module (MCM) substrates.

The gage-capable ContourSP Large Panel Metrology System from Bruker is particularly designed for measuring each PCB panel layer during manufacture assuring the minimum recipe development time, highest yield, maximum up-time, and lowest cost per measured panel in production.

Key Features

The key features of the gage-capable ContourSP Large Panel Metrology System from Bruker are:

  • Unique Capabilities for excellent productivity
  • Highest throughput, more than two times faster than previous generation systems
  • Dynamic signal segmentation (DSS)
  • Remeasure function
  • Topography scanning to compensate for wafer bow
  • Easy coordinate file import, active ESD protection
  • Operator Access Control based on Vision64®
  • Recipe portability for multi-tool and multi-factory deployment
  • Fully automated, non-contact, high-throughput, 3D HDI/PCB surface characterization; analysis library: Ra roughness, trace, via,pad clearance, dimple, anchor, overlay, soldermask, including via analysis for fiber-reinforced PCBs and thick film
  • Full- and semiautomatic remeasure functions; easy-to-use production mode with built-in databasing and pass/fail for any parameter optional stitching, MATLAB®/TCPIP, thick film, SureVision; optional COGNEX vision/recognition system; FixSure™ custom fixture designs for panels with up to 6mm warpage/bow
  • Comprehensive PCB-HDI-MCM panel and thick film analysis suite; Vision64 3D optical measurement and analysis software; Microsoft® Windows 7® 64-bit O/S
  • Advanced multi-core Intel processor PC with dual RAID1 drives; keyboard, mouse, joystick box for XY axis and Z focus control;
  • 23 in. flat panel monitor mounted on Ergotron® support unit

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