Dektak XTL from Bruker - Large Sample Stylus Profiler System for Wafer Production

The Dektak XTL stylus profiler available from Bruker is designed to accommodate samples up to 350mm x 350mm, bringing the renowned Dektak reproducibility and repeatability to panel and large-format wafer manufacturing.

The Dektak XTL is compact and includes a fully enclosed workstation with an easily accessible interlocking door. These features make the system suitable for today’s challenging production floor environments. In addition, its dual-camera architecture allows for improved spatial awareness, and its high level of automation improves production throughput.

The unique Vision64 Production Interface with pattern recognition can be scaled to meet specific application needs and renders data collection an intuitive and repeatable process, reducing operator-to-operator variability. The Dektak XTL is the industry’s easiest to use stylus profiler.

Key Features

The main features of the Dektak XTL stylus profiler system are:

  • Small footprint
  • Easy to use
  • Robust automation setup and operation
  • Dual Camera Control
  • Easy analysis and data collection
  • Unmatched stylus technology
  • Vision64 software
  • Critical results for large-format applications


The applications of the Dektak XTL stylus profiler system are:

  • Wafer applications: Etching rate determinations, chemical mechanical polishing, etc.
  • Large substrate applications: PCBs, wafer masks, window coatings, polishing pads
  • Glass substrate and display applications: AMOLEDs, thin film measurements for solar coatings, film thickness measurements for touch panels
  • Flexible electronic films: Organic photodetectors, organic films printed on glass/films, copper traces for touch screens

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