MIRA3 LM - PC Controlled FE SEM with Flicker-Free Digital Image

The high-performance scanning electron microscope system— MIRA3 — comes with a high-brightness Schottky emitter for acquiring low-noise and high-resolution imaging.

The MIRA3 provides the benefits that are available in the recent technologies and developments in the scanning electron microscope. The advantages include static and dynamic compensation, an ultra-fast scanning system, faster image acquisition, and integrated scripting for user-defined applications.

The excellent resolution of MIRA3 at high beam currents has been shown to be particularly beneficial for WDX, EDX, and EBSD compositional analyses. Using optional beam deceleration technology (BDT), the potential for imaging at low landing electron energies are further improved. The MIRA3 configurations include XM, GM, and LM chamber sizes with optimized geometry capable of both high- and low-vacuum operations.

Key Features

  • Incorporates a high-brightness Schottky emitter for low-noise/ high-resolution/ high current imaging
  • Non-distorted EBSD pattern
  • Real-time In-Flight Beam Tracing™ for performance and optimization of beam, which also enables continuous and direct control of the beam and beam current
  • Powerful In-Beam detector (optional) enables excellent imaging even at short working distances
  • Exceptional Wide Field Optics™ design with a proprietary Intermediate Lens (IML) offers many different working and displaying modes, for improved depth of focus, field of view, and so on
  • Several interface ports with optimized analytical geometry are available for connecting WDX, EBSD, and EDX detectors and many more
  • Beam Deceleration Technology (BDT) provides excellent resolution at low beam voltages
  • Non-conductive samples can be investigated in the UniVac mode — a variable pressure mode
  • The entire MIRA3 chambers enable better handling of the specimen using a 5-axis fully motorized Compucentric stage and feature the perfect geometry for EBSD and EDX
  • Optional Extended GM chamber with rugged stages capable of housing large samples including large wafers (6", 8", 12") are also available
  • Numerous choices for chamber suspension type guarantee effective reduction of ambient vibrations in the laboratory

MIRA3 LM Application Images

Rat Intestine Image Snapper
Recrystallized quartz
STEM image of a polymer blend
MIRA3 - Picture 1
MIRA3 - Picture 2
MIRA3 - Picture 3
MIRA3 - Picture 4
MIRA3 - Picture 5

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