UHR SEM with TriLens™ Immersion Optics - TESCAN MAGNA

TESCAN MAGNA is a powerful UHR imaging tool for the ultimate surface characterization of nanomaterials. TESCAN MAGNA features the Triglav™ SEM column with immersion TriLens™ optics that offers a crossover-free electron beam and delivers excellent ultra-high-resolution performance, especially at low electron beam energies. Triglav™ also includes a unique in-beam detection system with BSE energy filtering and angular selective BSE detection for improved materials contrast and enhanced surface sensitivity.

TESCAN MAGNA excels at UHR imaging of nonmagnetic materials, even at very low accelerating voltages. Furthermore, its unique detection system allows segmenting of your samples with three SE signals (in-chamber, and two in-beam detectors) and three BSE signals respectively. Outstanding performance at low beam energies, and the variety of available image contrast modes are controlled by the new TESCAN Essence™ software interface. Designed with a user-friendly, application-oriented customizable layout and productivity-enhancing software modules, Essence maximizes control and throughput with exceptional ease for all users.

Because TESCAN MAGNA was developed specifically for UHR low keV SEM imaging and 30 keV STEM investigation of nanomaterials, it is an ideal choice for imaging and nanoanalysis of next-gen materials such as catalyst structures, nanotubes, nanoparticles and nanoscale prefabricated structures.

Key Benefits

  • Ultra-high resolution and high-contrast imaging of non-magnetic nanomaterials
  • Unique in-beam detection design: TriBE™ and TriSE™ for advanced sample nanocharacterization
  • Advanced detector functions allow In-Beam BSE energy filtering
  • Optimal imaging and analytical conditions are guaranteed by In-Flight Beam Tracing™
  • Intuitive Essence™ modular software platform designed for effortless operation regardless user’s experience level

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