Dynamic Micro-CT for In Situ Experiments - TESCAN DynaTOM

DynaTOM is the world’s first and only laboratory micro-CT system engineered and designed specifically for your most demanding in situ dynamic experiments. Time dependent imaging for non-destructive 3D study of materials in real-world conditions has been a major motivation for X-ray tomography for decades. Where conventional micro-CT designs have fallen short, TESCAN has risen to meet this challenge with the DynaTOM: a platform dedicated to enabling new science and applications through dynamic tomography.

Key Benefits

  • Ideal for complex in-situ research and imaging of delicate samples
  • Unique gantry-based design - sample does not rotate
  • Continuous scanning with times exceeding 10 seconds per rotation
  • Software tools for 4D acquisition and reconstruction
  • Pre-screening for synchrotron beamtime
Dynamic imaging of germinating seeds

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