UHR-SEM Combined with FIB for Sample Preparation - TESCAN AMBER

TESCAN AMBER is designed with a focus on versatility, covering both sample characterization at the nanoscale, and everyday FIB applications in the materials research lab. The synergy of its field free ultra-high-resolution SEM and state-of-the art Ga+ FIB, makes TESCAN AMBER a preferred solution for high precision microsample preparation and advanced materials characterization.

The field-free UHR-SEM BrightBeam™ delivers ultra-high-resolution imaging and analytical performance over the widest range of materials, whether metallic, magnetic, non-conductive or beam sensitive.

The Orage™ FIB column was designed to meet increasingly stringent focused ion beam sample preparation requirements. With its ultimate FIB resolution and a broad range of beam current choices, the Orage™ FIB column on TESCAN AMBER routinely delivers the highest quality prepared samples. Optional automation modules for batch processing and multi-site operations facilitate unattended execution of predefined operations like creating micro-mechanical test sample arrays or preparing TEM lamella at multiple sample locations.

In-column SE and BSE detectors are optimized for high quality imaging at the FIB-SEM coincident point. TESCAN AMBER’s proprietary geometry for microanalytical tools offers unprecedented analytical potential, not only for microanalysis, but also for multimodal FIB-SEM nanoscale tomography.

Furthermore, Wide Field Optics™ offers extremely large fields of view at the lowest magnifications, making navigation to your region of interest fast and easy using the live SEM image.

Powered by TESCAN Essence™, our modular customizable graphical user interface, TESCAN AMBER easily transforms from a multi-user, multi-purpose workstation, to a dedicated tool for advanced FIB operations.

Key Benefits

  • Ultra-high-resolution field-free SEM imaging and nanoanalysis
  • The highest precision micro sample preparation
  • Excellent low-keV ion beam performance
  • Multi-site FIB process automation
  • Multimodal FIB-SEM nanotomography Ĭ Extended field of view and easy navigation
  • Easy-to-use modular software interface

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