Combination of Plasma FIB and UHR SEM - TESCAN AMBER X

TESCAN AMBER X is the analytical plasma FIB and ultrahigh resolution (UHR) SEM solution built to deliver materials characterization for samples that have proven challenging for typical Ga FIB and FE-SEM instruments.

TESCAN AMBER X pairs a Xe plasma FIB with BrightBeam™ SEM optics to provide high throughput, large area ion milling and fieldfree ultra-high-resolution imaging for 2D and 3D multi-modal characterization on the widest range of conventional and novel materials. With TESCAN AMBER X you can cover the materials investigation needs you have today as well as be ready for your future needs.

TESCAN AMBER X’s plasma FIB enables the fast milling of large cross-sections, up to 1 mm, as well as routine milling and polishing for sample preparation. The Xe plasma beam creates minimal damage and does not introduce contamination from implantation. The inert nature of xenon ions means contamination free microsample preparation for materials like aluminum can be achieved, without the risk that microstructural or mechanical properties may be altered by gallium ion implantation that occurs with conventional liquid metal ion FIB.

In-column SE and BSE detectors are optimized for high quality imaging at the FIB-SEM coincident point. TESCAN AMBER X’s proprietary geometry for microanalytical tools offers unprecedented analytical potential not only for microanalysis but also for multimodal FIB-SEM tomography.

Powered by TESCAN Essence™, our modular customizable GUI software, TESCAN AMBER X easily transforms from a multi-user, multi-purpose workstation, to a dedicated tool for high throughput, large area FIB milling operations.

Key Benefits

  • High throughput, large area FIB milling up to 1 mm
  • Ga-free microsample preparation
  • Ultra-high resolution, field-free FE-SEM imaging and analysis
  • In-column SE and BSE detection
  • Spot optimization for high-throughput, multi-modal FIB-SEM tomography
  • Superior field of view for easy navigation
  • Essence™ easy-to-use, modular graphical user interface

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