Field-Free Analytical UHR-SEM - TESCAN CLARA

TESCAN CLARA is a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) that satisfies the demands for high quality images and microanalysis that routinely arise in different fields of research and technology. TESCAN CLARA features the TESCAN BrightBeam™ SEM column technology, which utilizes a combined electrostatic-magnetic objective. This provides ultra-high-resolution capabilities at low accelerating voltages in a field-free fashion – an essential feature for uncompromised imaging of all kinds of samples, including those which are magnetic.

TESCAN CLARA is fitted with unique in-column multidetector system that allows selective collection of electrons according to their take-off angle and energy. This results in maximum topographic and compositional information from the sample. The Multidetector, which is equipped with a filtering grid, gives access to selectively filter SE and BSE energies and enhances materials contrast, as well as the ability to live-switch between SE and BSE signal. The second in-column detector, the Axial detector, is designed to collect SE signal at maximum efficiency and any landing voltages without palpable loss of SE signal. This makes UHR-SE observation very easy and routine, even at low landing voltages.

Additionally, TESCAN CLARA can be equipped with two In-chamber detectors and an E-T detector as standard, to provide excellent high signal and topographical contrast from the sample. The optional retractable low energy BSE detector collects wide-angle BSEs and provides high material contrast, even at low accelerating voltages. TESCAN CLARA is also designed for analytical purposes, thanks to In Flight Beam Tracing™ and Intermediate Lens™ utilities. TESCAN CLARA can maintain high resolution even at high beam currents (up to 400 nA), which is beneficial for daily analytical work. TESCAN CLARA is truly a versatile instrument, ideal for the characterization of nanomaterials, rigorous quality control in the high-end manufacturing industry, as well as for Research and Development.

Key Benefits

  • Unique In-Beam BSE system allows filtering of signal based on energy and take off angle
  • Field-free characterization of materials at low beam energies for maximum topography
  • Excellent for imaging beam-sensitive and non-conductive samples Ĭ Fast setup of electron beam – optimal imaging and analytical conditions guaranteed by In-Flight Beam Tracing™
  • Intuitive and precise live-SEM navigation on the sample at low magnification without the need for an optical navigation camera
  • Intuitive Essence™ software, a modular platform designed for effortless operation regardless of a user’s experience level

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