Multi-Resolution Micro-CT System Optimized for Geoscience Applications and Dynamic CT – TESCAN CoreTOM

TESCAN CoreTOM combines, in a single instrument, the typical field of view of a medical CT system with the high-resolution imaging performance of laboratory micro-CT systems. The CoreTOM can image a wide range of sample sizes, from full cores up to 1 meter (~3 ft) in length down to mm-size micro-plugs or drill cuttings at 3 micrometer spatial resolution. Fast scan times, continuous imaging, and unique software tools enable real dynamic CT, allowing researchers to perform uninterrupted flow, compression, tension, and other time dependent studies. These features make the TESCAN CoreTOM the ideal system for multiscale imaging from core to pore.

Equipped with a high-powered microfocus X-ray source, the TESCAN CoreTOM enables high sample throughput and fast dynamic imaging with temporal resolutions below 10 seconds for a full 3D acquisition.

Key Benefits

  • Multi-scale imaging
  • Up to 1 m cores
  • Volume of interest scanning (VOIS)
  • High throughput
  • In-situ imaging
  • Dynamic CT
  • Flexibility for Research

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