TIMA-X - Fully Automated, High Throughput Mineral Analyzer SEM

The automated mineralogy system—TIMA-X — enables rapid quantitative analysis of samples such as leach residues, concentrates, rocks, tailings, ores, or smelter products.

The TIMA-X system integrates EDX and BSE analysis for identifying minerals and creating images of analyzed mineral images to determine element distributions, mineral concentrations, and mineral texture properties, for example, liberation, association, grain-size, and locking parameters. Moreover, TIMA-X can look for bright phases containing the platinum group, silver, gold, rare earth, and other minerals.

New software and up to four EDAX element silicon drift detectors are used by the TIMA-X system to considerably increase both reliability and performance. TIMA-X detectors are an innovative design that improves sensitivity to light elements and maintains stable energy resolution at extremely high count rates.

Fully compatible with both EDAX Quantitative EDX and TIMA operation systems, TIMA-X detectors enable users to benefit from the maximum speed of TIMA-X while retaining the capabilities of standard-based quantitative analyses.

TIMA-X software has a lot of extraordinary features including low element detection limits using its patented pixel analysis algorithms and a new generation of mineral identification tools.

For high-throughput applications, it can be integrated with the AutoLoader™, which is a robotic sample loading system for continuous and unattended measurement of around 100 epoxy blocks. AutoLoader improves productivity by transforming mineralogy measurement from a batch process to a continuous process by eliminating chamber pump-down and manual sample exchanges.

TIMA-X - Fully Automated, High Throughput Mineral Analyzer SEM

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