High Specification Liquid Analysis – The Pearl

Specac has developed a high specification liquid transmission accessory for spectroscopic sample analysis in the mid and near infrared. The Pearl™ liquid analyzer features the company’s unique Oyster™ cell assembly through which the sample is held in a horizontal plane.

In order to perform sample analysis, the top Oyster™ cell can be simply lifted and tilted to one side, and the sample can be applied quickly and easily. Cleaning can also be performed between each sample analysis.

For more volatile samples, the top Oyster™ cell includes an injection access port, which ensures that the cell assembly does not need to be opened completely. Users can view the sample continuously through the two windows and thus, can make sure that bubbles are not trapped. The Oyster™ cell can be cleaned quickly and easily with a solvent and tissue.

The Pearl™ accessory offers a precise pathlength which can be obtained through a standard liquid transmission accessory. With the new Lift and Tilt mechanism, repeatable pathlengths better than 1 µm can now be achieved. In order to prevent fringing, the Oyster™ cells are provided as wedged or parallel cells.

The Pearl™ can be equipped with CaF2 or ZnSe windows that can be quickly interchanged in a matters of seconds. The Oyster™ cells are supplied in five pathlengths: 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1,000 µm. The easy-to-use mechanism of the Oyster™ cell makes the Pearl™ perfect for handling samples that are highly viscous such as oils, greases, etc.

The Benchmark™ Baseplate System

Specac has developed the Benchmark™ Baseplate system that serves as an interface between the instrument and accessory. This accessory can be fitted to this system using a thumbscrew fixing. Unique to the instrument being used, the Benchmark™ Baseplate system can be left in the sample compartment, if needed, for use with other accessories that are compatible with the Benchmark™. However, users should specify their spectrometer when placing orders for the Pearl™ accessory.

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Key Features

  • The cell can be quickly assembled using the special Oyster Cell™ mechanism. There is no need to lamp windows, spacers, and gaskets together.
  • Sample can be placed on the horizontal window, or can be quickly injected into an assembled cell. There is no need to manage stoppers and syringes.
  • Users can simply lift the top Oyster™ cell with a solvent-dampened tissue and use the next sample immediately. There is no need to disassemble the system or flush with solvents.
  • Cells with different pathlengths and different window materials can be quickly interchanged.
  • A wedged Oyster Cell™ prevents fringes and facilitates the use of wide transmission range windows like ZnSe.


  • qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • highly viscous samples such as greases
  • in-service oil analysis
  • adulterated edible oil analysis

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