APEX 400 Pellet Press – For Demanding XRF Analysis Laboratories

The APEX 400 is a dedicated solution for the manual preparation of pressed pellets for XRF analysis. It is capable of pressing samples in supporting steel rings as well as in the standard unsupported format.

Ring Dies

In heavy usage, it is common to press pellets in steel rings. These fit loosely in the pellet die and can be easily removed once the pellet has been formed. The rings make handling the finished pellets easier as well.

Powder In, Pellets Out

No matter whether free-pressing or pressing in supporting steel rings is required, the user operations are the same. If a free-pressing program is selected, the press’s Quickshift Technology will automatically shift between pressing and release states to guarantee that no operator intervention is required to reset the die for pellet retrieval.

Ergonomic Design

A drawer mechanism on the front of the press withdraws the pellet die for filling and removal of the completed pellets. This is located at a comfortable working height and allows unobstructed access to the pellet die on all sides. This helps to ensure that laboratory staff are not subject to injury from repeated use.

Other Features

Program ‘recipes’ can be set up by an administrator and locked from editing by the user to ensure the repeatability of pressing parameters. Safety interlocks stop the press from running without closing the door, and the touchscreen can even be used while wearing protective gloves.

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