Planetary Ball Mill for Powder XRF Sample Prep

The P6 Planetary Ball Mill is a high-performance bench-top grinding mill designed for XRF applications. Equipped with a single grinding bowl and user-friendly design, the P6 is easy to run in the lab as well as in the field. It occupies minimum space.

The P6 provides users high-energy effect of up to 650 rpm with loss free grinding. It has the benefit of high grinding performance with very low space requirements. Normally, five minutes of grinding is sufficient to make perfect powders suitable for pellet pressing for XRF analysis.

Outside of XRF, the P6 is well-matched for ideal mixing of liquids, powders, and emulsions, as well as mechanical alloying of metals and other solids.


  • Loss-free grinding down to a final particle fineness of 40-200 μm
  • High power and rotational speeds of up-to 650 rpm
  • User friendly Safe-Lock-System for safe operation
  • Easily adjustable balance compensation
  • Easily grinds brittle, hard, medium-hard, and moist materials
  • Benchtop design makes it portable for in field and lab work
  • Variety of bowl and ball options

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