Specac’s Arrow ATR: Rapid Assessment of Liquid Analytes

Specac has launched the Arrow™ ATR that enables rapid evaluation of a variety of liquid analytes. Sample batches can be created away from the spectrometer on sample slides made of recycled polypropylene. Thus, users can reduce sample handling and improve their productivity.

A simple aluminum puck can be used to interface the Arrow™ with the Quest series of ATR accessories.


  • Retrofittable to all existing Quest™ units
  • Batch preparation of samples can be done ex-situ
  • Cleaning is not required
  • Ultra-thin silicon wafer ATR
  • Archivable

Key Advantages

  • Ex-situ sample preparation
  • Batch sample preparation
  • Created from recycled materials
  • Samples can be archived


  • Forensics
  • Microbiology
  • Clinical research
  • Paints and glues
  • Food and beverage

Users can get in touch with Specac to know more about the benefits of Arrow™ for their laboratory.

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