Short Pathlength Gas Cell for Gas/Vapour Analysis from Specac

The Short Pathlength Gas Cell supplied by Specac is suitable for routine gas and vapour spectroscopic analysis at low pressures, room temperature, and flow or static conditions. With a fixed 10 cm pathlength, the cell is available in stainless steel and Pyrex versions.

The Short Pathlength Gas Cell is available with a range of BaF2, CaF2, NaCl, ZnSe, or KBr infrared transmission windows. It is mounted in an optical spectrometer with a 3” x 2” slide mount holder. Stainless steel and Viton sealed valves are utilized on the stainless steel version of cell, while PTFE and Pyrex taps are used on the Pyrex version of cell, to introduce samples to the cell.

Key Features

The main features of the Short Pathlength Gas Cell are:

  • Demountable for ease of cleaning and window replacement
  • Clear aperture: 39mm
  • Window diameter: 47mm
  • Choice of cell material: Pyrex and stainless steel
  • Choice of window materials
  • Two ports for flow or static experiments
  • Slide mounted cell holder

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